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Open Standard-based: GeoCENS architecture is built based on the OGC Sensor Web Enablement standard architecture. That means GeoCENS is interoperable, more extensible and flexible, has much lower risks of becoming obsolete and has no vendor lock-in. Sensors are the Key to Smart Gambing

Predictable Query Speed: GeoCENS’ query speed is only determined by the size of the query results itself, but not the total size of the database. Unlike solutions using the traditional RDBMS, GeoCENS is based on the document-based database so that can store far more data without worrying the performance decreasing.

Automatic Scaling: Our architecture allows you to store as much high-resolution observation time-series as you need because it scales automatically. There is no downtime required in order to upgrade the backend database infrastructure.

Flexible and Cloud-ready: GeoCENS architecture is cloud-ready and enables flexible deployment strategies. SensorUp offers hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions as well as deployed solutions for proprietary, private or sensitive data.

Unmatched Simplicity: GeoCENS's design philosophy is to boost developer productivity by hiding the unnecessary complexity of the open standards and protocols. For example, any user can install new GeoCENS Sensor Observation Service (SOS) in a few mouse clicks. Any user can connect a new sensor network to the SOS without any RDBMS knowledge. And any user can access and visualize thousands of sensors from multiple sources in only a few mouse clicks.

Simple but Powerful SDKs: We can significantly lower developer’s learning curve and empower them to focus on innovative applications rather than reading the very long and complicated OGC specifications. GeoCENS offers a suite of open source Software Development Kits (SDK) with interactive tutorials, demo galleries, and application source codes.

Rich User Experiences: GeoCENS provides a simple, efficient, and intuitive visualization environment allowing users, within a coherent map browser, to interact with thousands of sensors from multiple sensor web servers. The visual analytics provided have been carefully designed to support, as conveniently and simply as possible, the needs of the users. Both the visualization and the analytics are integrated into a collaborative environment allowing sharing and discussions.

GeoCENS Hides Unnecessary Complexity

Our Team

GeoCENS' development team has combined 20+ years’ experiences in developing open standard-based sensor web platforms. For example, in 2005 our team developed world's first OGC Sensor Web Integrated 3D Client (part of the OGC Web Service Testbed 3). GeoCENS' team published more than 40 research papers on the topic of sensor web standards, architectures, and performances. Dr. Steve Liang, GeoCENS' team leader, is currently the chair of the OGC Sensor Web for Internet of Things Standard Working Group, chair of the OGC University Domain Working Group. All the above demonstrate GeoCENS team's world-recognized leadership in OGC sensor web standards and systems. Affiliate Program by Online Casino

SensorUp with GeoCENS

Soil Monitoring for Agriculture

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada uses our technology to connect their sensors to NASA satellite missions.

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Groundwater Monitoring

Rockyview County uses our technology to monitor groundwater levels.

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Citizen Sensing

Rocky Mountain EagleWatch uses our technology to track golden eagle populations.

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